Moça Fiesta Chocolate Truffle 13.58oz


Product Information

Brigadier Girl
It is the famous Brigadeiro recipe that the whole of Brazil loves, prepared with the incomparable flavor of Leite Moça®. It comes ready to roll or serve in small cups and eat from a spoon. It is also delicious on cookies or as a filling in cakes and pies, involving a delicious strawberry or a green grape. MOÇA® Docinho Brigadeiro is tasty and versatile. Use your imagination and make the party!
Condensed milk (standardized milk and sugar), powdered chocolate food (sugar, cocoa powder, maltodextrin, minerals, vitamins, soy lecithin emulsifier, flavoring and antioxidant ascorbic acid), water, sugar, maltodextrin and gelatin and pectin thickeners. GLUTEN-FREE. CONTAINS TRACES OF PEANUT.